Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A trendy ladies laptop case

After last Thursday, when I spent about 5 hours waiting for trains and sitting on trains, I have vowed never to embark on such a journey without my laptop. Just think of all that blogging that I could have been doing. That does however present a small problem, how to transport said laptop in style. Bearing in mind that has never really travelled much further than the confines of my home, I have a very battered old laptop case that is quite frankly is a little embarising. But just a few minutes on the internet has thrown up all sorts of exciting ideas, is it normal to have different laptop bags to go with different outfits?


Trish said...

I love your blog and NOW really really want the Jasper Conrad weekend laptop bag!!

Rachael said...

Excellent blog i loved and enjoyed it. The blog is very informative and stylish.The laptop bags are good but the one with floral design is cool. Thanks for the post.