Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Win a Blackberry and limited edition Richard Nicoll pouch‏

Blackberry Richard Nicoll competition I am really excited today to be running an exclusive competition with Carphone Warehouse’s social networking initiative, begadgets The prize a Blackberry and a limited edition pouch designed by one of London’s most talented and young designers, Richard Nicoll is the perfect combination of fashion and function, ideal for keeping on top of business or personal matters whilst on the move and a very stylish fashion accessory.

Begadgets was launched in August 2009 to bring young people and gadget lovers together and to be able to exchange user experiences at a new level. It keeps users up to date with the latest’s gadget news, provides them with exclusive content, and gives them the chance to enter exciting competitions.

In order to enter the competition, all that you need to do is follow us on Twitter, and leave a comment on this post explaining why you should win this amazing prize. The best answer will be picked at midday on 21st October 2009.

Terms and conditions: Must be over 13 years old to enter and a UK resident. Winner will be notified by email and must confirm details within 5 days to receive prize. If winner fails to respond within 5 days, the prize will be awarded to second place winner instead.


Pippa K said...

I would lovvve to have the BB and gorgeous purple pouch. I would use the BB very wisely, by reading blogs (Style Eyes of course!) on long boring train rides, and the pouch will clash brilliantly with my new autumn coat!

thanks for the reading


Worton said...

I'm so far behind with technology I need a Blackberry! How else can I read these great blogs like Style Eyes on the move?

The fantastic LE Richard Nicoll pounch would certainly earn me some jealous looks and make me look the coolest guy in town!

Winning this would genuinly improve my life by 95%!


George x

Liv Lundelius said...

I have to win it, because my phone just died today(!) and that within all the moving planning:

Liv is leaving Berlin and moving to LONDON!!!
I really need a new phone and as a young fashion designer i really appreciate the cool pouch!
It would be the most wonderful treat after all the stress and a welcome present to start my life in
the new city! It will keep me up to date with all
fashion news and would save me from getting lost.

That would me amazing!
All the best Liv

Damsels said...

to be perfectly honest .. i think i would really love this prize because i've been so broke lately .. im jsut a fulltime student .. icant manage with a job .. i just can't ..
and things have been super difficult for me .. i am currently just using my sisters old phone from a few years back .. Trust me if i could i would get a new phone first thing . but sadly i can never get the money together for it and its not likely to happen anytime soon .
i'll just keep it that short cuz i dont want you think this is some type of sobstory .. im not living on the streets or anything lol .
jsut wish i had a nicer phone that i could actaully text with .


Damsels said...

i do follow on twitter by the way


CocktailChic said...

I want to win this giveaway because I have been using the same cellphone for 5 years now and it has a huge crack down the center. Not only is it hideous looking but it is an old blackberry. As everyone knows blackberry phones stop working within a year and this one is on its last limb. Seeing as my job involved a lot of emailing back and forth and BBMing and Tweeting it would be a necessary tool for a busy fashionista.

I follow you on twitter (cocktailchic)
Thanks for posting this giveaway! Good luck to everyone who wins.

Nicole. said...

Hello. I would love to win this Blackberry & the beautiful pouch it comes in because I'm in DIRE need of a phone. The last time I had a phone was March of 08 due to the over-billing :C I would love to have this phone so that I will finally be able to contact people when I'm on the go & also to stay updated on my fave sites like Twitter & the Hellz Bellz blog. I have never had a Blackberry but I have heard & read great things about it. I hope that winning this giveaway will give me the chance to try it out. Thank you somuch for the opportunity to enter.

I am now following you on Twitter; @saucyfbaby


Liv Lundelius said...

you dont have to publish this comment, its
just to let you know i am following you on twitter:

(completely forgot to add this)


SAUCY | eff. | BABY said...

Oops, I should've read all the rules because I just found out that you have to be a UK resident in order to enter the contest. I am not a UK resident. I'm sorry. You can disqualify me. I was all excited to enter but then I read that. haha. Sorry again!


Rowan | KitschenSink said...

Hiya!! Well, I already follow you... :)

I just HAVE to have this Blackberry and Richard Nicoll pounch: I need to look on-trend and technical when I run business meetings with stockists of KitschenSink, and the colours would coordinate perfectly with my designs!!

Rowan x (KitschenSink on Twitter)

nicola said...

I bought my mobile 6 years ago. We've been good together - he's simple, neat, knows everything about me .. my favourite numbers, my creditcard details so I can top up easily, my habit of pressing delete when I mean send. I didn't need photos, music, emails, or any of those other guys, I was happy.

Then, 2 weeks ago, my life changed. I launched my new business and suddenly it was all go. There were things I needed and he couldn't give them to me. We both knew he wasn't enough any more.

I pretended it didn't matter. Money became an issue - he kept saying he had none when I needed it most and later when his battery started playing up we both knew what it meant but we carried on.

Then yesterday he gave up, mid call, no warning. I held him gently in my hand and said "Why?" But he didn't answer. He just sat there, small and black ... and dead.

Still, that was hours ago, I've moved on. So, I would love to win a fabulous Blackberry and a beautiful pouch to put it in. He'd understand.

Anonymous said...

All matters technical befuddle me and really about time I sorted this out.. I am told this could be the answer... the pouch I know I could use.. the BB well def willing to try... happy to report back progress!
Thank you
Lily and Lime

Nneoma said...

Hoping I can squeeze a quick entry in before it's too late.

I'd love to win a shiny new Blackberry and cool pouch to put it in. It was my birthday yesterday and I didn't get anything not even a card! Whilst I guess all of this comes with age, it would be nice to get a little something. Sob story over but I would love to be one of the cool kids with a Blackberry and after checking out Richard Nicoll's Spring/Summer 2010 collection at London Fashion week, I wouldn't mind owning a piece of his creativity!


Liv Lundelius said...

liv(at) just recognised my email isnt on my google profile ; )