Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Blue Inc Woman Launch

Today, amongst the doom and gloom of fashion retailers closing down, comes another glimmer of sunshine for affordable women's fashion, in the form of the Blue Inc women's range. Blue Inc already has a men's wear range which features very popular and trendy casual wear.

The woman's wear range follows the same successful formula of street fashion but adds a bit more colour, sparkle and glamour for the ladies. There is a range of very comfy and stylish looking leisure wear but my favourite pieces are slightly more dressy. Some great versions of my favourite piece of clothing at the moment, leggings, which I love wearing with a mini dress for a bit of warmth and modesty in the winter. But the best bit of all, for those desperate for a fashion fix but lacking in cash, is the price. Have a look, I think you will be surprised.


Liv Lundelius said...

some nice designs and yes!!! it is really cheap.
in terms of money saving i just realised throug my big moving that i am saving more money by buying designer pieces (even vintage ones)
cause good design is never out of style and you 'll have this pieces for a long time.
thats better for the environment, for the production people and also for your wallet.

but i also know that sometimes it could be fun to by a cheap fun piece!

MargieF said...

hmm i cant say im too enamoured but i shall reserve judgement until i have seen the range firsthand...

Janette said...

Channeling flowers.. Ashley Piacenza. You will LOVE her.

xo Janette