Monday, 19 October 2009

Giles in Paris - an arachnophobes worst nightmare

giles ss10
giles deacon paris
paris fashion week spiders
Perhaps you though that I had forgotton to post about Paris Fashion Week. I had not. I was just considering and digesting the events and have decided to be very selective in posting as opposed to the blanket approach of blogging about every single show, as that would bore myself and everyone else. So here it is the show that really jumped out at me immediatley - Giles.

My first thoughts, WTF, actually I really like that, eww is that spiders. My best description of the colour scheme would be zingy. It was bright and included neons but in a very unobvious way.The collection had a fair amount of retro and comedy in it. The spiders were, even for someone who claims to have no fear of spiders, slightly creepy. For some, I can imagine they would provoke a shreaking sort of over reaction. But then perhaps that the reaction is part of the joy of wearing such an outfit.

I can see all the cool kids wearing this collection next summer. Unfortunately I don't think any stretch of the imagination could put me in the cool kids category but perhaps I can give it a try anyway, it looks so much fun!

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Annie Spandex said...

Creepy! But I love the 2nd one :)

MargieF said...

im not sure about the foil trousers...not the nicest in my humble opinion. Aside from those, im loving the spider print, its nice to see it not done to a gothicy kind of style...

Slanelle said...

so perfect !

fold cat 375fc said...

I like it,tastes don't discuss no ?