Thursday, 8 October 2009

I need a winter coat

I need a winter coat 2
i need a winter coat
Today, I decided despite the fact that most of the day will be spent working at my laptop blogging etc, to make a bit of an effort not to wear jeans again, I evening put some earrings on which is probably a once a year occurence. However, I did end up wearing denim in the form of a dress which I bought from Wholly Cow last year.

I did need to leave the house to drop children at school and nursery and as there was a definite chill in the air, this led me to spend quite a bit of time (that I really didn't have) deciding on what to wear to keep me warm. I finally settled on a linen jacket by East which I picked up in a charity shop a few weeks ago. Finding outdoor attire for the winter, to go with my outfit has always been a major challenge for me. I usually start with jackets for my first trip out of the house, then change to another for the second time before finally resorting to my granny cardi, , for that last dash of the evening to Tesco Express, when I am usually too tired and cold to care what I look like.
The problem, that I have never really managed to invest in a good versatile and classic winter coat that can be thrown on with almost anything to look effortlessly stylish. Last year I opted for a cheap and cheerful coat which lasted for all of about 5 wears before it looked a complete mess and was thrown in the charity bag. I usually start out the autumn and winter with the presumption that I never stay still long enough to get cold, but by mid November, the British weather has proved me completely wrong and I am in desperate need of a cosy winter coat. So this year, I am going to take that advice that is so often uttered by stylists and fashion editors alike, especially those obsessed with the recession "invest in a timeless coat in a classic style"
As if by luck, along comes the new collection by Jil Sander for Uniqlo +J, packed full of gorgeous and very versatile coats. I want, I want, I want!


Liv Lundelius said...

go go go, girl: for the coat in the middle!
i like it!

Cathy @ ClosetCat said...

Those coats are great. I don't think those would ever go out of style. I like the tie of the first one. Happy blogging.