Sunday, 11 October 2009

More trash than cash

As people struggle on (myself included) trying to look stylish in a recession, the magazines seem to be jam packed with ideas for cost effective ways to look good. The November issue of Vogue has a strong focus on DIY clothes, more dash than cash and thrifty fashion - although Vogues ideas of thrifty differs quite some from my own ideas. In particular a feature called 'Make do and mend' caught my attention, where domestic objects were turned into DIY couture by Shona Heath, William Tempest and Peter Jensen. It reminded me of a feature on Blue Peter many years ago when I was a child and they made party dresses from black bin bags.
I would have to question the ecomomics and environmental credentials of this outfit considering it is highly unlikely that it has been made using old/ recycled rubber gloves and dustbin bags.

I am just trying to picture the faces of all of the mums at the school, when I turn up to pick the children up wearing this outfit made of cotton wool balls.

Worryingly, I actually really like this, I might even consider wearing it.

Dish cloth couture- I love it!

Amazing what you can make using a few old tea towels. Very clever.

I am guessing this outfit was not designed with wearability in mind.

I decided to have a go at my own 'make do and mend' feature amidst mutterings by Mr Style Eyes that he wonders if I am all there sometimes. I have been wondering what to do with my ever growing stack of fashion magazines and have previously considered turning them into jewellery. There is something about the glossiness and rich colours that I think would work really well. Anyway I have long been hankering after a gorgeous bib necklace but lacking the cash to buy one. I decided to attempt to make one using an old copy of vogue in what I think is a truly economical and environmental project cost - £0. Not sure about how durable it will be though and I am really hoping it doesn't rain!

And here is my recycled magazine handbag crafted by my lovely daughter.


Liv Lundelius said...

These Vogue photos are so much fun to look at!

I really like that vogue shows this ironic view of the
whole DIY / recession trend.

gem fatale said...

I lovvvved that Vogue editorial!
Stop by my blog if you'd like the chance to win a lovely Liberty eco bag worth £50! xx