Friday, 23 October 2009

Oldie but goody - Desert boots

liberty print boots
desert boots

clarkes shoes

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Clarkes had brought back the desert boots to celebrate 60 years. A firm favourite from my youth, I wore my bright green desert boots every where from youth club, to sailing and roller disco (in the days when it just wasn't cool to actually roller skate at a roller disco). There was a great selection of desert boots with a different style for each decade. I found it very difficult to decide which one I liked best and could quite happily buy them all, one for each day of the week. I am already picturing outfits that I would wear them with.

If however, I was pushed (and in my current economic status, I probably will be) to choose just one, then it would have to be the Liberty print. I originally loved desert boots for their simplicity and yet now I would choose probably the least simple design. Perhaps an indication of how my style has changed over the years. I was also slightly surprised by the price. I always thought of desert boots as cheap and cheerful, not anymore, perhaps another sign of the times!


Damsels said...

those are pretty cute ... ive heard of clarks but never gotten a good look at them.. these are fab though they are like a classic with a twist

All Women Stalker said...

My eyes popped because I want those. Except for the one with the purse, of course. Those are just silly. Haha


Liv Lundelius said...

i am not really into flats and practical shoes...
i like the violet suede ones best!