Thursday, 19 November 2009

Come Back Luella

Luella inspired outfit

After my last post about saving Luella, Florrie of Intrinsically Florrie alerted me of her Save Luella Campaign which I was only too happy to participate in. As usual after to agreeing to make an outfit inspired by Luella, I looked in my wardrobe to discover nothing by Luella (boo) and no direct copies of Luella pieces. However I know that Luella's designs do have a big influence on some of the outfits that I wear in an indirect kind of way. When I think about Luella I think of pretty dresses, bows, florals and those amazing colour combinations in her SS09 collection (which is definitely one of my favourite collections) all combined in a clever and quirky way

I have concluded that I need more Luella pieces, especially as they may not be around for much longer. As my outfit is very much a wearable day to day outfit, I decided to create a more whimsical Luella inspired outfit on Shmotter, giving me a chance to create something much more interesting that is not confined by the contents of my wardrobe.

save luella


Intrinsically Florrie said...

Thank you for the link and your lovely contribution. =]
I really love that top, the ribbon's a lovely touch too.

Florrie x

Style of a Fashionista said...

She is a great designer and the High Street do take a lot of inspiration from her I hope somebody saves her I truly do xx Great outfit too