Saturday, 7 November 2009

Rainbow Bright

black colour outfit
When I saw Susie Bubble's post pick a colour, any colour, I just couldn't resist partaking in the challenge set to "cram as many colours into one outfit just using solid block pieces and no prints and patterns". I knew from the outset that the outfit would involve clashing in a major way and a certain amount of layering as I have relatively few coloured clothes in my wardrobe (that do not have patterns) and none that are ready colour blocked. I also knew that this was a challenge that would need to take place under cover of darkness as if Mr Style Eyes were to see me he would be bound to fall off of his chair laughing. So whilst Mr Style Eyes took our eldest daughter to fireworks, I stayed in with baby Style Eyes. Once we had polished off our bowls of pasta and glass of white wine (me not the baby). I grabbed everything coloured that I own and threw it all on together. I would like to say that a bit more though went into it but I'm afraid it didn't, the fireworks don't last long and they usually get back early because they are cold.

Anyway the result was perhaps not something I would wear out - the combination of primary colours giving it a sort of Rainbow Bright or mad Playschool presenter sort of feel. I added the belt at the last minute to give it a slightly more grown up feel and add another block of colour(if you can call black a colour). An interesting excerise as I often colour block with two colours but never this many, it has inspired me to try a few more. I wished that my new mustard tights that are on order has turned up and also that I had a royal blue clutch to complete the outfit.
The outfit was made of:
Purple hat - Dorothy Perkins
Yellow T shirt - charity shop
Red dress - Jackpot
Green Jacket - Marks and Spencers
Black Belt - ASOS
Purple tights - Dorothy Perkins
Green and plum shoes - Poetic Licence from ASOS

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All Women Stalker said...

Hmm cram any color I can to any outfit? I'll have to try this today. :D


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