Saturday, 14 November 2009

Seat Belt Couture - great eco and style credentials

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I regularly write about eco fashion as part of my work (writing and blogging) but I don't feature eco fashion on Style Eyes very often. The reason for this is that I fully support eco fashion and am keen to promote sustainable style as much as I can. I do this primarily by offering a free place for people to recycle, swap, buy and sell second hand clothes and promoting eco fashion labels for free on my website But Style Eyes is my own personal style blog about clothes and the fashion that I wear so I selfishly reserve it for the posts that I really want to write. In other words, I love writing about eco fashion on Style Eyes but it must be Eco fashion that means something to me.

So enough of the rambling, I recently spotted on Ecouterre, a new eco fashion site by Jil Fehrenbacher founder of eco design website Inhabitat, somthing that instantly made me want to get blogging (not really about it's eco credentials though).
These designs made using upcycled seat belts are by Greta Constantine, the label of Canadian design duo Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill. A look at their website revealed lots of other amazing pieces but perhaps they are for another post. I love the shine and texture of the seatbelts and the clever way that their stiffness and structure has been used to created such amazing and structured pieces. Definitely eco fashion at its best!
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Liv Lundelius said...

incredible shapes!
really cool styles.
and a genius idea to use seatbelts for
their creations.

Womens dresses said...

I liike the looks here!!love all the shapes!!The hairstyle is probably inspired by La roux?