Thursday, 19 November 2009

Style Eyes Weekly Round Up 19/11/09

bamboo clothing pandas picture from Bamboo Baby blog

I am have been a little lax with the weekly roundups over the last week. Same old excuses I am afraid, lots of work (that is a good thing though), organising a clothes swap party and the odd one or two jolly's, which I think I thoroughly deserve. Anyone before I bore everyone to death with my life story, here is this weeks round up.

Posh Swaps - I asked the question, what can you make from a load of old rubbish? and found out the answer was quite a lot actually in the form of lovely accessories. I discovered a great website to make green living mcuh easier in the post Wekangogreen - can you?. I outlined which are the perfect clothes for swapping and finally I checked out Terra Plana - recycled quilt shoes.

Shmotter - as well as having lots of fun making outfits, I wrote about one of my favourite colours in the post Mellow Yellow. I show ways that you can become a bit of an animal with animal prints. It might seem like ages away but Christmas is only just over a month away so I thought it time to post about Party Time - Christmas Dresses. I ask the question what happened to Lily? and check out her new style. Finally I urge readers to join the campaign to save Luella.

Bamboo Baby - As well as the usual talk of organic baby clothes, I review devidoll - a stylish and ethical boutique. I show how you can be stylish, recycle and fight poverty. I talk about the Pandas threatened by climate change and the loss of their bamboo food, but don't worry, bamboo clothing does not affect pandas at all. I also review new ethical/ eco label Urban Buzz for its trendy and sustainable fashion.

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Liv Lundelius said...

thanks for introducing devidoll!
good to know where to find stylish eco fashion in london!