Friday, 6 November 2009

Very stylish armchair shoes by Kron

Kron shoes
V store Copenhagenzebra print shoes
lovely shoes I recently spotted these shoes by Kron, from V store Copenhagen via I was immediately attracted by their colours, shapes, texture and detail. I also muttered to myself "wow a gorgeous pair of shoes that I would actually wear" as opposed to a spindly heeled pair which I have many of and never really find suitable occasion for, plus the heels wear out after only a few wears. But enough about practicalities- fashion would be very boring if it were only about what was comfortable and practical to wear.

The chunkiness of these shoes actually adds to the appeal. Can you imagine finding this level of detail and interest on a teensy weensy pair of stilletto heels. I love the combinations of zebra stripes, rich colours, rattan, velvet, fishnet and shininess. They remind me of a very stylish but comformable armchair the sort that you might find in a very expensive bar in London (not that I often frequent such a place). I also love the shape, the curve of the heels and the slightly offset and raised sole.

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nuvonova said...

I've never seen those before, but I absolutely love them!