Thursday, 12 November 2009

Why does it always rain on the school run?

stylish rain coat ponchoIt is nearly time to pick the children up from nursery and school and guess what? it's raining again. Perhaps I just don't really notice it raining the rest of the time but it always seems to rain on the school run, more often than not when I am least expecting it. I go out completely unprepared without a coat and the heavens open.

Even on the days that I know it is going to rain and have adequate time to prepare myself, I still end up looking like a drowned rat. The reason, that I refuse to buy (or wear) one of those sensible sort of outdoorsy raincoats that many of the mums wear. No offense to them, I admire them for their sensible approach but it is just not my style. I also struggle to carry an umbrella as I am usually pushing a pushchair or carrying a very wriggly toddler

Which is why I was so chuffed with myself when I came across Rainwave. They sell ponchos that strike just the right balance between practicality and style. In fact as their website says if rain wear looks this good, I might actually 'pray for rain'. They also have a pack away pouch so I can stash one in my handbag and never need get caught short again. They are great colours and great designs. I love the patterns which include a sort of retro shape and an Inca design.

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FashionMatchmaker said...

That's pretty cool. I was just thinking how I have my umbrella with me but I always try to avoid using it :)