Monday, 16 November 2009

Wolford Fringed and Henry Holland Tights

wolford fringed tightsI probably make no secret of the fact that I am obsessed with tights. I am just completely fasinated by the huge variety of coloured, patterned, netted tights and now fringed tights that can be used to enhance or accessorise so many outfits. I think statement tights are fast becoming the latest must have accessory (much to the disgust of most men who much prefer stockings!).

These new fringed tights from Wolford (above) really caught my eye as they almost look like a pair of boots.

Whilst on the subject of tights, I am also loving Henry Hollands range of tights including these colour card ones which are available in black, blue, purple and pink.

Henry Holland tights


The Haute-Shopper said...

Wow, that first piece really does look like a pair of boots! Love the fringing! And the block pattern/coloring of the HH pair is very cool. I'm all for statement tights!

All Women Stalker said...

The fringe details are interesting. We need close-up photos. Off to search now. :)


PinkBow said...

me too, i live in tights. but sometimes they're just so expensive!