Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Blooming winter florals

winter florals
mixing patterns
floral prints winter09I have a tendency to resort to a monotone uniform of greys in the winter. I am not quite sure why, but my outfits just seem to mirror the grey and dismal weather . In contrast, in the summer, I wear the brightest clothes that I can with plenty of florals and patterns.

When I saw this dress on missguided (sorry to keep on about this website but, I seem to be able to get so many gorgeous clothes for so little money), I just couldn't resist. The perfect winter floral dress, dark and wintry but plenty of colour and pattern. As I starved myself of colour and pattern so far this winter, I decided to go for full on pattern overload. Perhaps not to most peoples taste but I love it. The floral footless tights from Uttam (bought in error as I would never have chosen to buy footless tights) were the perfect pattern mix for a busy and less boring look than usual. Cardigan is from Topshop, necklace New Look and shoes M & S.

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Style of a Fashionista said...

Love the mix of florals I found Missguided the other day and they have a great selection of lovely dresses xx