Monday, 14 December 2009

Its Oh So Cold!

In response to the challenge by BSB that coincided with UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, On Friday, I turned off the heating and put together an outfit to keep me warm. To show that we not only care, but that we're willing to find a positive side to cutting carbon emissions and to enjoy keeping our world safe.

Unfortunately my outfit was not particularly striking but I was so so cold, style became irrelevant (for just a few hours). It probably didn't help that I was sitting at my desk working all day at my computer, which makes me feel cold on the warmest days. In hind sight a day when I was cleaning the house from top to bottom would have been an easier challenge.

I was actually quite surprised how difficult this challenge was. I don't often dress for warmth. Being quite short, chunky knits and the like really don't suit me so I opted for layers. As all the layers are black or grey, I tried to vary the textures a bit. I wore a T shirt and my new studded leggings (from (I am completely in love with them) with my black mini dress (Oasis), Tom Wolfe cardigan (Envy), arm warmers (Topshop), snood (Next) and Whooga boots.

If I were to turn the heating off more, I should definitely invest in some thermals or one of those big all in one suits.

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