Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Party Time with BSB

party dress

party dress
I was so excited to be invited to the BSB Christmas Party (along with other fashion and style bloggers in the UK). As usual I left things until last minute and then had a rush to get ready, hence the slighly odd expression on my face.

My party outfit was a result of some very early morning browsing. I thought that I wouldn't be buying myself some new party wear this season but after discovering this dress on Missguided (recommended by Kingdon of Style) I just couldn't resist (they are all now sold out, but there are plenty more very gorgeous party dresses on this site at amazing prices!). It has sparkly bits on it so very suitable for Christmas but, a bit different from this seasons all over sequins and definitely a change from the little black dress that I often wear. I also have a sequin and feather hair clip/ fascinator from New Look, which unfortunately you can't see very well in the picture amongst all my hair (another impulse buy).

To drink, I will be bringing champagne (predictable I know) as I think there is no better time for celebrating than Christmas. I will also be bringing mini fish and chips to eat (in little news paper cones). Just because I love mini stuff. Really easy to make, I just put pieces of salmon/ cod/ haddock in beaten egg, then breadcrumbs and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes or until they look ready, the serve in cones with a wedge of lemon and french fries.

Music, I'm afraid again not very original but the it is Christmas, Dean Martin - Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow. Or if I am allowed I would happily bring my whole Christmas compilation CD to get everyone in the Christmas mood.


Fashionista said...

you look stunning in that dress...what a great detailing!!!

Shopgirl said...

Your dress is gorgeous! Love the mini fish'n'chips! See you at the party! :)

Intrinsically Florrie said...

That is one fabulous dress!
I still need to do my entry- something sparkly I think.

Florrie x

All Women Stalker said...

Love your dress! Are the white details stitched or something?


polkadotstripes said...

love your dress

Style Eyes said...

The white on the dress is a kind of ribbon/ trim