Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Another Challenge - Going Green!

I couldn't resist partaking in the brightest brights challenge set by Tomorrow of In the Bedroom Mirror. She would like to make a rainbow of outfits and so has set the challenge to create outfits in just one bright colour (but can include as many shades of that colour as you like). Anyone can take part so feel to free to join in.

This proved to be even more of a challenge than Susie Bubble's colour block challenge. I am now wishing that I had just one amazing colour block dress perhaps in bright pink that I could wear with pink tights. But I don't, I have very few clothes in just one colour (I am more of a patterns sort of girl). In fact, I only own one thing that could be described as block colour for my bottom half (this skirt) and I don't have a single green top. But I wasn't going to let that stop me. Challenges are about thinking creatively right? So I raided Mr Style Eyes wardrobe only to find he has a similiar aversion to block colours as myself. They say you become more similar the longer you have been married, so after 10 years this explains why our wardrobes are full of similar shades of neutrals and patterns. I did manage to find this green polo shirt. With a pale green scarf being the only suitable green accessory, I finally got the chance to make the great big bow that I have been wanting for a while.


Tomorrow said...

Thank you style eyes!!! This is gorgeous!! I am really pleased to have some entries now!
Love the blog...
Tomorrow x

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I'm definitely a patterns sort of girl too but you've done very well with your outfit and the way you've tied the scarf is such a sweet touch. You look lovely. :)