Tuesday, 5 January 2010

International Day of Swishing and Hemp Hand Protector

international day of swishing

If you are feeling a bit gloomy and spent out after Christmas Swishing or clothes swapping is a great way to have some fun, get some new clothes and all without spending loads of money. Swishing.org has declared January 9th International Day of Swishing (what a great idea) and is organising a flagship event in London. As much as I would have loved to attend, unfortunately the time, cost and logistics of getting there have ruined it for me (again). So I have decided to organise an online swishing or swap party through my website posh-swaps.com to allow those who don't live near to London to join in the fun and celebrations.

I am hoping that some of my fellow fashion bloggers and many more will be coming along to join in the fun and swap some clothes, as lets face it most of us are so completely clothes obsessed we need a constant stream of new clothes. But this can be damaging for both the environment and our bank balances so swapping is a great guilt free alternative to shopping.

I will be listing as many clothes for swapping as I can - more details soon. If you would like to come along and join the fun, just register with posh-swaps.com and list some clothes on or before 9th January, then browse what is up for swapping and propose a swap or wait for someone to propose a swap with you. Further details can be found on www.posh-swaps.com/blog/press/.
With the money that I save, I will be investing in a few bottle of my favourite hand cream which is an absolute essential for this time of year to keep my hands soft. In fact, the Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector the only hand cream that I have managed to find that stops my hands from cracking in the icy cold and centrally heated warm. I also love the smell

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PinkBow said...

happy new year to you! i think the swishing is such a good idea & a really great project you have started up, i only wish i had more time to join in myself!