Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Old School Satchel

The best stuff in life always stays in fashion or at least comes back often. I suppose fashion is a bit like natural selection, some stuff falls by the wayside and some stuff just keeps on going. When it comes to the Old School satchels, they are sturdy, practical and usually made from a good quality of leather. Their no nonense design also fits great with the nineties trends that are coming back in including minimalism and grunge.

This satchel by Renewal from Urban Outfitters is a real gem. I love the practicality, the chunky look and the colour. It has a lovely chunky closure and even pen holders inside. Renewal makes limited edition items that have been created from a collaboration of carefully sourced vintage trims, buttons and surplus or recycled textiles so not only is it a gorgeous option for a handbag in a kind of nostalgic way, it is also ethical and eco friendly.

1 comment:

Sherin said...

I love old school satchels. They will always be cool.
I agree that the colour on this one is amazing.