Sunday, 3 January 2010

Roman Baths and the Fashion Museum

Yesterday, I treated my oldest daughter to a trip to the Romans Baths. What a stroke of luck, they offered a combined ticket to the Fashion Museum for just £5 more, so we went there as well. I was extra pleased to discover they had 3 great exhibitions on, so a fun, history and culture filled day for us both. It's funny, I spend so much time at looking at other places to go (London in particular), I often miss the stuff on my own doorstep.
The Roman Baths took on a strange mystical like appearance in the crisp, cold air and bright sunshine. Easy to understand why they believed to be something to do with the gods.
roman baths I was really glad that I invested in a new coat (Tom Wolfe) in the pre Christmas sales, perfect for days like this when I am out and about.

roman baths

I was hoping the spa water might help alleviate the symptoms of over indulgence over Christmas and horrendous cold, but I am not really convinced.
We had no time to stop for lunch, just a Thai Chicken Pasty (I know the New Year diet starts tomorrow) before rushing on to the Fashion Museum.

The Dress of the year collection - each year since 1963 a fashion expert has chosen the best fashions in the world for the museum collection. Interesting choices, do you recognise any of these?

Foale and Tuffin Exhibition - a display, to coincide with the publication of Foale and Tuffin. The Sixties. A Decade in Fashion by Iain R Webb, aims to illustrate how, like many fashion designers, the duo reworked certain themes and fabrics throughout their career. Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin's designs and boutique off Carnaby Street embodied the spirit of the swinging sixties.

The Bill Gibb Exhibition - this display coincides with the launch of the book Bill Gibb 'Fashion and Fantasy' by Iain R Webb. Whilst Bill Gibb was not that recognised as a designer, I love his seventies, hippy style pieces in rich colours and patterns. The cuttings and drawings also very interesting.

fashion museum bath

John Bates Photographs

museum of costume bath
And the best bit of all. The chance to get dressed up in a corset and skirt. I love the shape and will never again complain about the impracticality of modern fashion.

Really interesting to see the different styles of the different periods and how fashion has evolved. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone visiting Bath, along with a tour of the city's vintage shops and boutiques. I wonder what will appear in the Fashion Museum for the noughties in years to come. Skinny jeans and ugg boots perhaps?


All Women Stalker said...

Does the bath smell clean? Hahaha.

Brandy Shaloo said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like a great trip, I'd love to go there too.

Brandy Shaloo said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like a great trip, I'd love to go there too.