Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sales Shopping

Urban Outfitters salegrey grunge
I haven't been out much this week, I am starting to feel like a recluse and slipping into a comfort zone of dressing for warmth and slobbing, so when my new clothes ordered from the online sales turned up, I decided to try them on to cheer myself up (I know I still look pretty miserable but that's just me). I didn't actually intentionally buy them as an outfit, I don't think, but I think they go together quite well in grungey kind of way - Isn't all that coming back in fashion again? I would like to add a little bit of colour to the outfit so am now on the lookout for some pale lime green socks, don't know why but that is what I want.

The jacket was picked up in the Next sale for £14. I wouldn't usually go near a Next sale with a 10ft barge pole for fear of ending up with a load more boring tops just like many I already have or just been squashed in the scrum. But I spotted this jersey biker style jacket on my way to the childrens section and loved the washed out colour and seam details.

I loved the dress by Australian Brand Something Else (and posted about it a while back) so it was an obvious buy when I saw it reduced in the sale. I am constantly on the look out for new patterned leggings as for me leggings are the new jeans, so these burnout lave patterned ones (again from Urban Outfitters) were perfect.

The shoes (from Urban Outfitters) were compromise after a mamouth hunt, or should I say wild goose chase for that perfect pair of wedge shoe boots was a complete failure, I am hoping some might turn up as the spring colections appear. I settled for these shoes on the basis that I loved the punched out texture, loved the colour - I have never had a pair of grey shoes before, they were cheap and flat, so easy to walk long distances in.


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