Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Slightly Late New Years Resolutions

I am starting with picture of the view on Christmas day near Cardiff to detract slightly from the length and rambliness of this post. OK I am very slightly late with my New Years Resolutions this year. If truth be told, I have only just emerged from my over indulgent, too much food, too much drink, too much getting up in the night with children and monster of all colds haze. What with that and the whole snow fiasco (I won't go there), I have been a bit lax with everything so far in 2010.
But I have now started on my post Christmas detox and had just a few tiny moments to myself to start thinking about my plans for myself and this blog for the rest of 2010. 2009 was an amazing year, if very difficult in many ways. My fashion blogging led me to start my own business and I have managed to keep it going through the recession, here's hoping things get easier in 2010 (no matter what I'm loving life). So just one or two resolutions to keep me busy this year (well I have spent long enough pondering over them)

For me:

Less style/ shopping mistakes - I often buy clothes that I don't wear. This year I am not going to do it anymore. In fact my wardrobe is stuffed full of stuff that I should just never have bought and what possessed me to buy it, I don't know (tiredness, stress and a young child tugging at my leg I guess). So for 2010, each and every purchase will be considered very carefully, do I need it?, do I really love it?, will I wear it? and does it suit me? OK I will still be making some whimsical buys or life would be very boring, but they must be things that really suit me and I will have the opportunity to wear. Which brings me onto the next point.

More recycling by swapping, vintage and second hand clothes - I am going to make space in my wardrobe and hopefully get some much more suitable items of clothing by swapping (starting this Saturday with International Day of Swishing). I am going to find more gorgeous vintage and second hand clothes, I can wear them happily without feeling bad about damage to the planet.

To get out more - my biggest style challenge is getting to wear the many outfits that I buy and put together. Working from home with 2 children, I don't get out much. So for 2010, I am planning to make sure that I get out more so I can get dressed up - lunch with the girls, business networking lunches, Ascot, the Theatre, weekends away, fashion weeks and ultimately a ball or two. I have already made the first step by booking my summer holiday, 2 weeks of get dressed up to go dinner every single night!

Wearing new clothes instead of hoarding them - this relates to the last post. As my trips out are usually fairly insignificant (the school run, the super market) I tend to hoard new clothes away saving them for something a bit special. No more in 2010, I will wear my clothes, even if only for a trip to the supermarket.

For Style Eyes Fashion Blog:

More interesting and regular posts - I am getting myself organised (really). I have a schedule in place and plan to spend more time researching and writing my posts.
More personal style - I have now launched a new blog (more about this soon) and will use this for writing about general fashion news and goings on. This will allow me to use this blog purely for writing about what I love about fashion and my own personal style.
Better pictures - I still haven't read the manual on how to use my new camera but I intend to do so very soon. I want to increase my photography skills and get more creative with the pictures that I am taking. I will also be investing in a camera bag to get out and about with my camera more and a timer to take better self portraits.
More local fashion - inspired by great local blogs like the Bristol Observer and Hip Shapes and Bristol Fashion, I plan lots more about local fashion. I am fed up with getting frustrated at not being able to attend all of the fashion events in London, so will be making more of the events and fashion close to home. In the not to far away future, I am planning a review of boutiques and vintage shops in Bath and Bristol.
Fashion week - I would desperately love to go to London Fashion Week or any of the others for that matter. Every year other commitments have stopped me getting there. This year I am going to do everything I can to get there for a few shows at least.
There we are job done - now all I need to do is get on with it and make it happen.

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I'd love to go to LFW too!
Oh yes, I have indeed stolen your profile template, we obviously have impeccable taste!