Friday, 8 January 2010

Spring Summer 2010 according to Topshop

I don't actually buy that many clothes from Topshop as I have convinced myself that the cut of their clothes often doesn't suit my figure (perhaps I should just lose weight). But when it comes to getting a general overview of the main fashions for a season (and I realise there is a lot more besides) Topshop is really the gospel. It has most of the main trends even fringe fashions to some extent in some form or other. What I am really trying to explain is why I love checking out the Topshop seasonal previews but when it comes down to actually buying, I often opt for either slightly more grown up or just slightly different. But so much of my inspiration is taken from key trends which show their face in Topshop. So enough rambling, Topshop lookbooks for SS10 and here are my thoughts.

Patterned leggings - my love for these is almost the same as my love for patterned tights. Actually I have a pair on order as I write this post.

The crop top trend is great. But I will not be baring my midriff this summer, at least only perhaps on the beach after some fairly intensive pilates, I will definitely be getting a loose fit crop top to layer though.

I love the florals, the mixtures of patterns and the business of these looks. I have already been combining my winter florals with floral tights, for spring I may well try floral jeans, floral shorts and even floral shorts with floral tights. Tan shoes work so well with these rich coloured florals and the flat boots in the top picture have just made a direct entry onto my must have list.

Loving the mixture of blue and black, a combination I have been meaning to give a try for the last few weeks, now I can see how well it can work. Also loving these trousers with the cutout ankles, corset style top, textured cardi and oversized bow.
Overall, I am most definitely looking forward to spring and summer. I have never been a minimalist sort of girl. I will definitely be taking full advantage of the chance to completely indulge myself with florals, patterns, spots, dots, stripes and mixing patterns and textures including lace and a reall busy look.

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Kb said...

There's too much I love, especially the second look. Such a shame I'm on a Topshop ban for 6 months.