Monday, 22 February 2010

The Green Room - More Ethical and Eco Fashion

I am starting to get a little concerned about when I start shopping again after my shopping ban (although months away) and how I will manage to find what I need by just buying quality clothes to last, second hand, vintage and eco fashion. There is already quite a bit of choice in terms of affordable eco fashion from People Tree, Ascension and even a Renewal at Urban Outfitters, a brand that uses recycled materials, but there is still no where near as much as there is for conventional fashion.

I was really pleased to hear about the new Green Room at ASOS which is the latest offering of afforable ethical and eco fashion. The Green Room includes Fairtrade pieces, ASOS's own brand Fairtrade cotton, organic cotton T shirts and some pieces made in disadvantaged communities in Africa.
Whilst it is a fairly small selection at the moment (which I really hope will increase), there are some great basics/ essentials, some very lovely jewellery, a designer collaboration and even some organic cotton T shirts designed by some of my favourite fashion bloggers.

ASOS Fairtrade Cotton Crop Top

Fairtrade Owl T Shirt by Designer Chrissie Abbott

Bottle Top Necklace by Made

Organic Cotton T shirt by Style Bubble

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Cherry Pullinger said...

I've heard a lot of good things about People Tree.

PinkBow said...

i do like the blogger tee shirts & so good that they're made from organic cotton said...

I love the asos crop top :D

Vickster said...

Green Room at ASOS is really cool in my opinion. By the way, I love that pic of the charm bracelet by 'Made'.

Fashion Retailer said...

whatever you wear,it will become priceless. that's for sure!!!

James McAloon said...

Please don't forget Excentree Eco Fashion Collections when you are looking for your new Eco focussed wardrobe. We even help you plant a tree with each item and re-direct £1 from each item to children's charities.

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