Friday, 26 February 2010

LFW Estethica - Maxjenny

I am often heard to complain about the wet weather and I am still trying to come up with a completely satisfactory solution of what to wear on a wet and windy day. What I need is something that I can put on over whatever I am wearing, including jackets, jumpers and cardigans with plenty of room for manouvering.

The 'street sculptures' (pictured above) and 'the new black' collection by Maxjenny fulfils just about everything that I want in wet weather gear. The black for more serious occasions and the bright colours for when I feel in need of cheering up. Nothing like those very practical looking jackets that outdoorsy types wear (no offence but that is so not me). I love the way these jackets are cut, lots of room to move about even if I have lots of layers to keep warm and they look so stylish.

The jackets are suitable for all year round and are made from fabric recycled PET bottles. They are rainproof, breathable and iron free. They are not cheap mind but a great investment buy I think.

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