Saturday, 27 February 2010

More from the London Fashion Week Exhibition

I was slightly overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of designers at the London Fashion Week Exhibition. As I was only there for a little bit, I just managed to get of few pictures of bits that caught my eye.

Martin Lamothe - a very natural colour scheme,but each piece more than made up for lack of colour with the amazing texture and shape. I loved the rope dress.
Charlotte Sparre - Copenhagen. Beautiful colours and prints on simple silk pieces. I love the striking orange Elvis dress. Also some great colourful scarves.

Kron - I love Kron shoes and just couldn't help but take lots of pictures of all the cute candy colours.

Heather Blake - The ultimate pair of elegant statement shoes.

Les Nereides - some very fun and cute enamel jewellery!

Fiona Paxton - these necklaces are amazing with almost a tribal feel about them. A black top will never be boring again.

Georgia Hardinge - I loved this wig like hat and cage dress.


Style of a Fashionista said...

Wow some amazing pieces my favs have to be the necklaces they truly would look amazing with plain black tees xoxo

Christina said...

Wow I love the cage dress at the end!!

Blackberry Sherbet

Erika Michel said...

Oh wow! The shoes are amazing!!!


Teresa said...

Loving the texture of those sweaters! The crazy necklaces would be fun to wear too.

Leia said...

Great pieces!

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Wow, what an ecletic mix of fab finds. What a treat to be there in person. I adore the Elvis dress. Thank so much for sharing with us.


ps. The caracicture at the end of each blog post is of me and done by an artist I happened upon at a restaurant.

Nina said...

the dresses are nice, but the jewels are amazing!!!!

Jessica said...

Extraordinary designs. Especially the Makepiece pieces look just beautiful!