Saturday, 27 February 2010

More of Estethica

I thought I would finish up my round up of designers at Estethica in just one long post. There was so much more there to see, but I just ran out of time.

Izzy Lane - This traditional style collection in Shetland cloth is made from wool from their own sheep which include Shetlands and their own breed of Wensleydales. Many of which were rescued from slaughter as lambs.

Christopher Raeburn - one of the hottest new designers around at the moment. His eco credentials are just an added bonus for the very wearable jackets made from recycled military surplus.

Makepiece - another very desirable knitwear collection madee using wool and mohair from British farms and their own sheep. The undyed yarns are spun in local mills. Some lovely pieces covered in roses and embellished with circles and whirls. Some amazing accessories including gauntlets and oversized wraps.

Joanna Cave - recycled silver made into intricate shapes and then goldplated or oxidised. This jewellery had a real feeling of lightness about it. It also had Akoya pearls which respect natural and social fairtrade guidelines.

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