Tuesday, 16 February 2010

NYFW - The Green Shows - Gary Harvey, Eco Couture

I really loved the Gary Harvey eco couture show that signalled the start of the Green Shows for NYFW. It isn't just because I have gone a little bit green lately (hopefully not just a phase), although that is the reason I checked out the collection in the first place, but the recycling aspect of the collection added an interesting creative angle to each of the pieces. Some were admittedly more wearable than others, but since when did designers worry about wearability. The dress made of FT newspapers is not really made to last and I find it hard to believe that anyone would wear it (I am guessing this one is more of a statement about recycling), but perhaps that is just me having set ideas about what clothing should be like and being stuck in my ways.

Many of the dresses had full skirts, the sort I dream of having the occasion to wear but with the fullness created by numerous similar pieces of used or recycled clothes. whilst this in itself doesn't take a genius to think of, it was the way the pieces fitted together as if they belonged there all along and were cleverly combined with other elements for a really beautiful outfit.

My favourite the was the dress created from 28 trench coats with a lace up plaid corset/ bodice and a cropped shirt jacket. A real fusion of elaborate and casual. I would so wear this, if only I could afford it.

pictures from http://www.treehugger.com/ image credits: Emma O Grady


Lisa Plus Size said...

The 28 trench coat dress is amazing! I love the texture in it, and the plaid corset is a great addition.

Plus Size Dorita said...

What an interesting look - I love eclectic fashion, especially the idea of reusing other clothes to make a new dress.