Friday, 19 February 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

After all of the rain, gloom and snow of the last few weeks, I was really pleased to open my curtains to blue sky and sunshine, it cheered me up no end. I was not intending to do an outfit post today, but I decided to try out some photos to see if I could get any interesting effects from the beautiful sunshine. I considered taking a picture outside to make the most of the natural light (as it is not often I get the opportunity at the moment), but decided on the lounge (in the warm) in the end because I love the kind of warm orange glow, it gets on a sunny morning.

The outfit is kind of another very subtle example of the pattern mixing that I seem to wear almost every day at the moment. It starting to become a bit of an addiction. The first thing that pops into my head when I wake up, "what patterns can I mix today". After sorting out Mr SE and the children of course!

Jacket (Next) - second hand
Dress- Oasis
Leggings - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Topshop
Scarf - Present many years ago I think
scrunched down knee socks - Peacocks
Handbag - Littlewoods.

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