Monday, 8 March 2010

Quality over quantity - the designer day dress

After I have finished my shopping ban (three and a half months to go and counting), I have promised to think more carefully about the clothes that I buy. To only buy what I need, to look for quality items that will last and to buy more eco fashion including second hand, vintage, organic, sustainable and Fair trade clothing.

Since commencing my shopping ban, I have started to look at my wardrobe in a completely different and more creative way and realised that I don't need to buy every high fashion piece of clothing available. I realise that I definitely have some buying habits that don't really help me for example buying party dresses when I don't go to parties very often. I also have a definite lack of stylish every day wear. For the summer, I love wearing dresses but don't have as many every day dresses as I need.

The good thing about pledging to buy quality over quantity is that I can get some really stylish and flattering designer pieces that I will want to keep for years. Instead of lots of cheap ones which never look that good on me anyway. So here are some of the beautiful day dresses that I have found and hope that I will be able to afford now I no longer buy quick fix high fashion pieces. I still keep wandering towards the party dresses and have to stop and tell myself, it is day dresses that I really need.

Style of a Fashionista has definitely inspired me to look at Nicole Fahri for some gorgeous classic pieces. I love the neutral colours of this Fahri Striped Shirt Dress, light and breezy for the summer and endless possibilities for accessorising.

This Theory belted shirt dress is so simple, but I love it. It would work well for every day but also for business meetings and lunch with the girls. Again so many possibilities for accessorising and would look great with my tan wedges.

This Vivienne Westwood Sunday dress is the day dress of my dreams and something that I would really treasure. Unfortunately it is sold out apart from one size, which will be long gone by the time I have finished my shopping ban. It is my birthday soonish though, if Mr Style Eyes happened to be reading (unlikely).
OK so quality and classic doesn't have to mean navy blue. This Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Multi Fortune Dress is in my favourite pink and looks so comfy and easy to wear, I know I would wear it all the time.


Style of a Fashionista said...

Great post sometimes it is about quality and not quantity I always think that a good balance is the best.
Glad that you have had a look at Nicole Farhi a lot of people think it is for ladies of a certain age but she really has some beautifully cut pieces xoxo

Savvy Gal said...

I try to buy quality over quantity. It saves me lots of money and I still love my purchases years down the road. : )

MargieF said...

that theory belted dress would be really versatile...its such a classic it would look good with most things that you could put with it. Definitely worth the extra money

Vickster said...

I really love the Vivienne Westwood purple dress. This would look so good over a pair of black leggings.

ThatGirl39 said...

Great post... and that Vivienne Westwood dress is just breathtaking! I know what you mean about quality over quantity. It was about a year and a half ago that I realised I bought things that I didn't actually need. I have edited down my wardrobe again and again (and no doubt will do it some more!). Now I try to invest in the classics but sometimes I still spend less on the more flippant trends. Shoes can take an outfit from Down There to Up Here so they have become a bit of an obsession x