Friday, 12 March 2010

Shopping patterns and clothes obsessions

Looking through my ridiculously overstuffed wardrobe, as I have been lately, I have noticed a few shopping patterns or clothes obsessions that I seem to have. The problem being that whilst I dearly love all of the clothes in my wardrobe, and the ones hanging on the extra rail in my spare room/ office, Some of them don't get that much wear perhaps because of my lifestyle or perhaps because I have so much of the same.
Jackets - I was amazed to count up all of my jackets and find that I have 20 jackets ranging from causal and denim to tailored, vintage and 1 designer one by Jaeger, this picture shows just a few. Is this too many? I think that with the tailored jackets, I may still be living in the past, when I worked in an office and needed lots of work clothes. These days I work from home so only occasionally get dressed up for client meetings.
My biggest frustration with winter is that I don't get to wear my jackets as the weather isn't warm enough and a winter coat is more practical. Unfortunately I have little in the way of stylish winter alternatives or coats. I have also bought quite a few jackets second hand. Tailored jackets are often some of the best buys in the charity or second hand shop so I just can't resist buying them. Roll on the spring and summer so I can wear my jackets every day.

Black and White - I love striking, bold and eye catching clothes, so perhaps this is why I seem to keep buying black and white. Generally I wear my black and white clothes quite a bit, I just always feel good in them. I do have quite a few other colourful and patterned clothes as well.

Scarves - some of my scarves are presents from my mum, who I have probably inherited my scarf addiction from. I spend a bit of time most mornings selecting a scarf to wear but often take it off after about half an hour. Unfortunately at this time in my life, when I spend a lot of time carrying a toddler around, they just aren't that practical to wear.
So does anyone else find themselves drawn to buying the same sorts of clothes all the time? If so what are your clothes obsessions?


Zenobie said...

wow that's quite a collection you have there! I adore your jackets and if you wear them all then I don't think it’s too many. I have far too many dresses, they just seem like such a practical item to me as its just one piece clothing to worry about!

Cherry Pullinger said...

My obsession is probably dark colours..there are a lot of dark colours in my wardrobe.

Leia said...

I really love your black and white collection!

PinkBow said...

oh wow, you have some definite trends going on there! i really like the monochrome outfits.

Morgan. said...

Ahhh, I am the same, my wardrobe is full of similar pieces.
I have a thing for blazers, shoes, and coral/peach colour. Those are the most common things in my wardrobe, and although I KNOW I don't need any more of them, I cant help being drawn to them....
And I agree, your black & white connection is beautiful, particularly the middle dress.

selinaoolala said...

haha great post i do this too!! i always buy sailor dresses, i even have two of the same dress in different colours?!