Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Wang Effect

I am just sat here typing, with my Wangesque braid, considering what it is about Alexander Wang that means he can take something seemingly mundane and make it hip, cool and trendy. I would never usually even consider plaiting my hair for fear of looking like a school girl or even worse an old lady but I just can't get enough of a my lopsided plait at the moment.

Take leggings for example, I swore that I would never wear them again after the horrendous abuse of them that I witnessed in the eighties. Yet here I am a few decades on, in worse shape and living in my leggings in the name of fashion (well actually they are pretty comfy as well and go with almost anything). I have a rule this time around though, leggings are only to be worn with dresses or long tunic style tops.

Grey marl is that non descript colour that no one really took much notice of until Alexander Wang brought it back on the hip list (OK there are a few others who have been using it too like Isabel Marant). Strangely I have always had a bit of a thing for grey marl perhaps because it reminds me of my youth. Slouchy jersey another Wangism that is just about every where. For years I would never have considered wearing slouchy clothes, but when cleverly cut and layered, not only are they warm, comfy and practical beyond belief but they look pretty good too in an understated way.

Then there are crop tops. There are somethings in life that you just can't wear at my age after having 2 children. So why is a crop top (in grey marl) featuring right at the top of my must have list for this summer? Admittedly, this time around I will be layering it so there will be no midriff on show. I think I may be turning into a full time Wang-a-be.

And then there are the trackie trousers - but I won't be going there, well I don't think I will anyway!

So what is the 'Wang Effect'? Is he an exceptionally talented designer, is it just the hype or is he managing to tap into just the sort of look that everyone wants to wear? I think it is a bit of all of these. A lot of his ideas are nothing new, almost nostalgic (although probably won't be for most of the twenty something Wangites wearing his clothes) but Alexander Wang seems to be able to do comfortable, wearable and relaxed it in way that is fresh and hip with just a hint of glamour

Just out of interest, does anyone have any other Words derived from Wang to add?

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Nina said...

I don't blame you ... Alexander Wang is just too cool for words!

Cherry Pullinger said...

I know what you mean about leggings, I used to think they were hideous when I was younger but now I wear them all the time.

PinkBow said...

he definitely does seem to have some trick up his sleeve for cool. for the price though it is not a brand i would splurge on.

Leia said...

I wish I had something intelligent to add, but can I be totally honest with you? *whispers* I don't actually like Alexander Wang! I know he's supposed to be hip and awesome... but I look at his pieces and think "I would NEVER wear that!" I guess it's just not my style. But it's true that he does have incredible influence in fashion and trends!

Glendy said...

I love the jacket, I wish I could splurge right now, and yeah Im also a leggings fan now :)

Much love,

Anna Jane said...

Oh Mr. Wang... not only does he have a fantastic name but he is so god damn talented it hurts. I really want those trousers. Must. Have.

- Anna Jane x

Christina said...

I love Wang, and I love those trousers!

Blackberry Sherbet

gant trousers said...

Fantastic read! Not the biggest fan of Alexander Wang though

F (The Very Subjective) said...

I think Alexander Wang has simply managed to catch the overall trend and make it his own AND easy to relate to. you don't really have to wear A.Wang to get that off-duty model look.

because, when you look at the clothes - it is really nothing particularly special at all. but it is functional, it is good design work, and rumor has it - very good material as well.

p.s. liked your post!


Great post! I live in my fitted comfy slouchy Wang tan tee with the pocket! Oh...why didn't I get it in grey?