Saturday, 17 April 2010

Don't step on my beige suede shoes

After 4 months of not shopping at all, I decided that I actually needed a new pair of shoes for the spring and summer. At the moment the only really wearable every day shoes that I have is a pair of black ballet pumps which are great but don't really go with many of my summer dresses. In keeping with my principles of sustainable clothing I am trying to buy only what I realistically need (and I do need these), also items that I will get lots of wear out of, so versatile and quality or made to last.

In order for me to get a lots of wear from a pair of shoes, they need to be amazingly comfortable, I walk quite a bit and a pair of shoes that is difficult or uncomfortable to walk in will just end up in the back of my cupboard (I have bought plenty of these in the past). It is a huge bonus if they also give me some extra height, the right pair of shoes can make so many outfits look better.

So here they are, the shoes of my dreams. I am going to wear these babies just about every day this summer and hopefully for many summers to come. If I were to rate them on the comfort scale of slipper to stiletto, they are definitely slippers (with sheepskin lining). The beige colour is perfect for my summer wardrobe and will go with just about anything. Finally, they add height but are still really casual, so I can wear them with my everyday casual clothes.

My lovely new shoes are by No Name and I bought them from Spartoo. You might not actually be able to see from the picture but they are made of suede with tiny sparkly bits.

no name
wedge trainers


gossip girl said...

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The Beautiful and Glammed said...

amazing shoes!!! Great blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy :) Enjoy the weekend, woop! x

nookie said...

great buy dear!

Sherin said...

I love those shoes. They do look pretty perfect for Summer.

* Reena Rai * said...

Great shoes, they look like the perfect uber-versatile summer shoes