Thursday, 29 April 2010

Folksy V Etsy

I first discovered Folksy when doing an interview last year with Rowan of Kitschen Sink who sells her hand made jewellery through both Etsy and Folksy. For those who don't already know (I guess most people do), Folksy is like the UK version of Etsy, a place to buy and sell handmade crafts online. Lately my lust for slightly different accessories and interesting pieces that are not available on the high street has drawn me back to both Etsy and Folksy. I have previously spent much time browsing their pages but due to shopping bans, lack of money and other reasons I have never indulged.

Now armed with a little bit of birthday cash, I have decided to treat myself to a gorgeous new necklace or two. It kind of makes sense to me to shop on Folksy as it support British crafters and also buying closer to home seems a bit more environmentally friendly, although I am not sure how much. Folksy doesn't have nearly as much choice as Etsy but this isn't too much of a problem for me as there is still plenty of very gorgeous stuff that I would love to own. For someone as indecisive as me and with so little time Etsy can sometimes be a little daunting. Finally Folksy is amazingly cheap (with lower shipping costs, sometimes as sellers tend to be UK based), here are some gorgeous pieces that I found.

handcrafted necklace

Flower and Citrus Necklace

Pocket Watch with Paper Butterfly

tea party necklace

Tea Party Charm Necklace

Etsy too has some amazing finds at very great prices. I suppose the pricing depends a little on the exchange rate. Shipping does vary amongst the sellers so it is worth checking out. I did find a lot stuff that is quite similar on Etsy namely bird cage necklaces - very gorgeous but perhaps takes a little longer to find the unique stuff.

Black and White Brocade Necklace with Butterfly

Bronze Elephant Pendant

Bird Flower Tree Necklace

What did I choose? Well I am still undecided but I will let you know what I get when I make up my mind. I am kicking myself for not using these sites more for buying birthday presents. I guess I just not that organised or forward thinking.


Winnie said...

The elephant necklace is such a winner.

PinkBow said...

thanks for sharing, i hadn't even heard of it. love the feather necklace.

Heather said...

Great finds. I want all of them!

Lizette ▲ Lizette said...

Love the tea party!

/Lizette ▲ Lizette

Sarah said...

Beautiful jewellery! i especially love the Tea Party Charm Necklace! :)

Style by Skeide said...

Amazing jewellery:)

Leia said...

these are GORGEOUS! I especially love the butterfly one with the writing!

All Women Stalker said...

These are gorgeous! I say buy everything :)