Saturday, 15 May 2010

All dressed up with no where to go

Today I have reached the height of fedupness. My little girl has developed chicken pox and apart from the worry and feeling bad for her, I have had to miss the fashion blogger's meetup arranged by Leia of Hi Fashion (I hope everyone had a great time and that I get the chance to meet up soon) and a night out in London with my sister and friend to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert and stay in a 5 star hotel in London, both which I have really being looking forward to.

After a quick visit to the gym, I managed to get things in perspective, worst things are happening in the world than me missing my weekend away and my daughter seems quite happy riding around on her motorbike in fairy outfit and wings at the moment. Even though I am stuck around the house, the weather is lovely and we can go in the garden. I decided to wear the outfit that I was going to wear anyway. The navy dress is from People Tree and makes me feel really good not only because it is ethical and eco friendly but also really soft and comfortable. The cut of it is so much better for my age age and hip size than some of the other jersey dresses that I have tried on recently, it skims rather than clings. I picked up the scarf at the fashion market at Alternative Fashion Week.

I was really cheered up when the postie turned up with a parcel from Motel Rocks. Thanks to Motel Rocks for making my day.

The parcel contained a lovely summer dress and lace bodysuit. The dress was the perfect way for me to indulge my love of bright prints and I couldn't resist trying out some outfits straight away.
Blazer - Oasis
Leggings - H & M
Shoes -
Necklace - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Shoe boots - Topshop
Green bolero - Marks and Spencers

Motel Rocks also very kindly sent me this body suit with lace panels, thrusting me into a decision on wearing a trend (underwear as outerwear) that I have been umming and erring over for some time. This is definitely one for a big night out that I am planning as a consolation for missing out this weekend. Now I just need to decide how to wear it. I am thinking perhaps under a tailored jacket or chiffon top or maybe over a long sleeved top. What do you think?


Franca said...

I love people tree jersey stiff. I also have a navy dress from them, with a pleated front and sleeves. I can't wait until it's the sales and I can shop there again. I try to resist buying anything full price it's not as if I *need* it.

The motel dress is lovely too!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Hope your daughter gets well soon x

PinkBow said...

oh, i'm so sorry you missed your planned weekend. but some great outfit choices you have there!

Sherin said...

Hope your daughter recovers soon!
I love that motel rocks dress. I received a similar one and and can't to wear it out.

WendyB said...

That bodysuit is hot! Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Laura Connell said...

Oh wow, that is very hot.
I'm sorry you had to miss your weekend. Of course, you feel sorry for your daughter, and it's ok to feel sorry for yourself, too!