Thursday, 27 May 2010

I'm backing Kate Eary

catwalk genious Kate Eary

I posted a while back about Catwalk Genius which gives you the chance to invest or buy shares in a collection created by an up and coming designer. I loved the idea back then but was even more excited when I recieved an email from Catwalk Genius asking if I would like to make history. Once enough shares have been bought for a particular designers collection, then they can begin to produce it. Well over half of the shares for Kate Eary have been sold making it very possible that it will be the first ever fan funded collection.

Kate already has a menswear line and is making a bit of a name for herself amongst the online fashion communities with mentions on Trendhunter, Fashion 156, Dazed Digital, Business of Fashion, the Guardian and now Style Eyes Fashion Blog. Most that have admired her menswear collection, can't wait to get a piece of the Catwalk Genius women's diffusion range. Her amazing graphic prints on streetwear shapes have also been featured in Vogue and have been worn by many of the celebs including Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Courtney Love, Roisin Murphy, Sienna Miller.

I love what she has done with menswear and can't wait to see her womenswear which is bound to generate huge interest. That is why I have decided to back this collection by buying some shares. At only £11 each, it is a great way of supporting a designer that is going places and getting a piece of the action. There are also some added perks which make it even better.

If you fancy getting yourself some shares you can do so here. But hurry as there aren't many left.

Expect to hear lots more about the collection when it arrives.


Helen from Catwalk Genius said...

Thanks so much for supporting Katie's project with us.

It's ridiculously exciting for us, so I'm glad to hear you're with us!

Leia said...

It looks quite cool! I hope the shares do well :D

leblogdemok said...

nice necklace !!!! ;-) love your blog !