Thursday, 20 May 2010

Make like a fifties starlet

In my quest to choose style over fashion (It makes sense but I just can't help indulging in fashion now and then as it is in my face all the time), I have become more interested retro and vintage clothes and styles. In particular fifites clothing intrigues me, I love the way that it celebrates a womanly figure. I have never yet got round to trying it out - perhaps a little scared that it won't suit me.

Today whilst trying to tidy up my pit of an office, I came across a postcard/ flyer that I picked up somewhere for Tara Starlet. I love the pin up girl style clothes and even better, they fit in well with my new eco buying policy by not only being timeless so they won't go out of fashion but also made in Great Britain with recycled and reclaimed fabrics. I am particularly tempted by the polka dot playsuit and full circle dress and petticoat. I am not sure I really need them but the playsuit would be great for my hols and the dress and petticoat for a day at the races that I am planning. Hmm.


Winnie said...

Love this retro look, it's so much fun!

Laura Connell said...

There is nothing like black and white polka dots with a hit of red! It never goes out of style and is fun, sexy and always appropriate! I went to a school's music night where the kids in the stage band all wore red shirts and the teacher (conductor) wore a polka dot dress. It was perfect!

Couture Carrie said...

Love that first dress so!


Style by Skeide said...

Georgeous, love the first one:)

Cherry Pullinger said...

I love love love that last photo!