Sunday, 9 May 2010

Monday Fashion Round Up

Yet another busy week and I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Actually I haven't written all of these posts this week, I have had some help and there are also some great guest posts.

The Fashion Buzz

We tell how JC/ DC uses South Park characters in his new fashion collection. Can't wait to see what the leggings are like. We also look at the beautiful dresses at the Costume Institute Met Ball and wish that we could have one. We are loving tie dye for spring and summer but ask what will it be Tie dye - two tone or rainbowtastic? We also give you the news that Osman Yousefzada will exhibit at the V & A's fashion in motion series. We have also found some great examples of the outerwear as underwear trend and finally we chat about ASOS's plans to launch an ethical fashion marketplace.

Posh Swaps

If you are getting married soon then check out our post on Eco Friendly Wedding Dresses. We also give you full details on our birthday competiton to win £200 of shoes and more great prizes.

Online Fashion Marketing

I report on recent calls for tax breaks for the ethical fashion industry - what a great idea! We also have a great post written by Tom Hyde of Ciao UK on driving sales online with user generated content. Lianne Dietrech, Managing Director of Linkshare UK has written a great post on Top Affiliate Tips for Retailers.

There was also an interesting post on Independant Fashion Bloggers about how Chictopia are using Fashion Bloggers pictures. I am pretty sure that they won't use mine but it has made me think twice about using this site.

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