Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Relaxing, Grown Up Style

neutral colour dress
beige mesh dress On Friday I had a day out in Bath with my lovely friends, a sort of late birthday treat. We spent a few hours at the the Thermae Bath Spa followed by lunch at Wagamammas and a quick dash around the shops. For such grown up day out, I decided that a grown up outfit was called for. I bought this dress by Sandwich in a local boutique with some birthday money. I can't really do many of this seasons nude and neutral shades but I think this beige colour just about works with my colouring.

For me this dress is about as minimalist as it gets, I usually like to try and cram as many colours, patterns and details into an outfit as possible. I couldn't however go completely minimalist (it is just not me) so I tried two options with the pink cardigan and butterfly cardigan. In the end I opted for the pink cardigan. I am quite liking this new neutral dress for the many possible options of outfit and accessorising it offers - expect to see much more of this dress.
Dress - Sandwich
Cardigans - Fenn Wright Mason / Laura Ashley
Shoes - No Name from Spartoo
Handbag - a present (quite a few years ago)


Style by Skeide said...


Munique said...

Good choice Ceri. You look fabulous in that brown dress with the pink cardigan. The colours are amazing together. Must look out for dresses by Sandwich on my next shopping trip.

Fayoona said...

i love the second cardi.
wagamamas is so good, yasai katsu curry is the best hangover cure.
xx fiona

Shini said...

I was going through Bath spa on my train to Bristol a week ago, goodness that place is BEAUTIFUL...

Really like your suede beige shoes with the outfit, lovely way to keep it casual chic!

Winnie said...

That peach cardigan is really lovely! Also on the red accents, I have no idea whether it's an actual trend as it's just something I felt like wearing that day...if it is then hurrah! :)