Monday, 24 May 2010

Stripey and Floral Men's Shirts

striped shirt

I managed to get Mr Style Eyes to model for the blog again, this time no funny dances though! He is wearing the Blue Inc Bar striped shirt, which is great for daytime or a night out. He really like the pink stitching detail and the flattering black and white stripes. The shirt was great quality and 100% cotton and he could even wear his own cufflinks instead of the buttons provided if he wanted to look extra stylish.

I have also noticed some great men's shirts for the more adventurous dressers on Blue Inc.

floral mens shirts


Laura Kim Connell said...

Nice! I love to see men in something more imaginative than a solid-colour shirt.

Sherin said...

I really like the look of striped shirts. I'm definitely going tohave a look through Blue Inc for nice shirts to get my dad for fathers day.

Candice said...

hey i really like your shirt too, i prefer the first one with striped..even though it has some pink, its a lot manlier than the others haha, flowers are meant for girls!

Cool blog though nonetheless :)

Ricky said...

I really like wearing stripe men's shirts! I think they are a great look and can have a great color mixture!