Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ethical Beach and Swimwear

With holidays not too far away and the launch of the new beach wear collection by Katherine Hamnett, I have been thinking about ethical swimwear. Although swimwear is not something that most people buy much of, so not something you would necessarily consider going ethical with, I think every small thing we can do to help make fashion more ethical and eco friendly will make a difference. I also don't usually mind paying a little extra for swim and beach wear as even though there is not much of it, I practically live in it on holiday and so it needs to be flattering. I was quite surprised by the gorgeous swimwear that I found whilst researching this post and there is definitely some that I would buy, ethical or not. The only point that I would like to make is that you should check out the returns policy before you buy for any swimwear.

First up was the new Katherine Hamnett collection. The collection which is available on Yooxygen features 14 different pieces with the slogan save the sea. It is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. It also feature both a his and her range. Most of the range is quite unexciting but I did like the silk dress in khaki green. Unfortunately at £122, I probably wouldn't risk wearing it to the beach. There was also a very nice vintage style one piece bathing costume but again at £128 a little beyond my budget.

Lalesso also make some great ethical swimwear that feature batik prints, made in Kenya under a Fair Trade scheme which supports communities. They are bright colourful and a great price. Lalesso is available on Fashion Conscience and a slightly larger selection on Lalesso Bazaar.

Aaron Chang is again available on Fashion Conscience and a surfer brand with bikinis made from either organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles. I love the unusual design on this bikini and the fact that it is reversible. It is probably my favourite of all the ethical swimwear because not only does not only is it a great colour with elephants on but it is also a great price (and in the sale at the moment).

Emobi is an Australian brand with some amazing bright bold retro print swimwear. The company uses sustainable practices and eco inks. This swimsuit along with a range of other swimsuits and bikinis is available on Fashion Conscience. It is quite pricey at £72 but I would definitely consider investing if visiting an exclusive resort (no such luck this year).


Cherry Pullinger said...

I actually wrote a piece about this on and found it very interesting. I really like that first bikini image you've posted!

Retro Chick said...

I really like retro style swimwear, and I find it really hard to find much of that that's ethical too!

I do know some that are handmade and small scale, but that's the closest I can get!

Monokini said...

I love Aaron Chang one piece swimsuits. Its combination of eye-catching berry and royal just stunning!