Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Little Mousey Brown

I am still struggling to get over the fright that I had over the weekend. I was lying in my bed fast asleep when I felt and saw something dark coloured run down my arm. I was still half asleep and jumped out of bed ranting about something running up my arm. Mr Style Eyes woke up and naturally insisted that I was dreaming or hallucinating! As I didn't really have a clue what was going on I went back to bed and fell asleep only to be woken half an hour later by something furry brushing against my face- this time I was pretty sure about it, it was a mouse- eeek. This time I jumped out of bed and shouted quite loud, 'its there', 'what' said Mr Style Eyes, 'a mouse there', 'what are you talking about' he said, the he spotted it peering at him through a glass of water on the bedside cabinet.

Then ensued a half an hour game of chase the mouse around the bedroom. The cats showed not the slightest bit of interest and eventually we gave up and decided to continue the search in the morning. Of course I refused to sleep in the bedroom instead alternating between the sofa and childrens bedrooms in a kind of musical beds. In the morning, there was still no sign of Little Mousey Brown as he was now affectionately known but I had a sneaking suspicion that he might have made his way into the wardrobe to nibble at my shoes and handbags.
Eventually Mr Style Eyes managed to find Little Mousey Brown nestled in my scarf and belt draw (a mouse who loves accessories, how cute, although not so at the time) and very humanely released him back in to the wild (using his hands!). As much as the children loved the idea of him sharing the house with us I was very glad to have the house and our bed back to ourselves. It also took me ages to go through my whole draw of scarves and wash them all.

These two are in the dog house so to speak, I am guessing that one of them brought Little Mousey Brown in but they lost interest when it came to removing him. They are currently being enrolled in mouser lessons.

First image from http://www.informatics.jax.org/greenbook/images/21-1F.jpg (it is not actually Little Mousey Brown, just looks a little like him)


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a fright - and in your accessory drawer, no less. One thing you know for sure...the little mouse has amazing taste in clothes!! :P

Flashes of Style said...

I loove the kittys!

PinkBow said...

oh my goodness! this post did make me smile (rather you than me though!)

Cherry said...

Ohh no I wouldn't be able to sleep in there ever again!

Elle Sees said...

oh i cannot stand mice, rats, or any rodents. i FREAK OUT.

selinaoolala said...

hahaha i feel you handled this very calmly!!! they would be ok if they didn't have the potential to get in your bed and shoes eeek! i saw one in our kitchen and for months my faily thought i was imagining things until it returned with babies! that's why we have cats without names haha