Tuesday, 15 June 2010

On the scarecrow trail

On the weekend I went on a scarecrow trail with my family. I have been to a few different ones before but am not sure if they are just a West country thing or if people do them every where. People around the village design and make scarecrows to fit in with a theme. We had to go around and guess the answers.

The theme was songs. Can you guess what song this scarecrow is supposed to be? No? we couldn't either. Actually we didn't guess very many of them, after about 10 minutes child started to get impatient and we had to abandon the scarecrow hunt in favour of bacon sarnies at the refreshment tent on the village green. It was fun while it lasted and if you have a scarecrow trail near you, I would definitely recommend going along, people put so much effort into making their scarecrows.

What I wore? naturally I had to put in a little effort to avoid being mistaken for a scarecrow. I though I would go for nautical.

Denim skirt and striped top - Dorothy Perkins (a few years old)
necklace - a local boutique
Shoes - Spartoo


Megs said...

ive never heard of this scarecrow trail before...it sounds fun though! wish we had stuff like that here in bristol.
Lovely Blog btw.


Leia said...

The nautical look really suits you! :)

Kenny said...

Like the shape of this dress

Annie Spandex said...

Such a cute outfit!!

style said...

lovely outfit looks very cute i lik stripes

Style Queen said...

I also have never heard of this before, sounds interesting though.

Your outfit is a perfect combination both of casual and sophisticated, looks great!

Visit my blog any time, I'm still finding my way around this whole thing, and would welcome any advice, comments etc!


All Women Stalker said...

I love a good pairing of denim skirt and a striped top so that look is winner :)