Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Shoes of desire

I seem to have gone shoe mad lately and have found myself coveting a whole range of different shoes from Spartoo. I think that shoes really finish an outfit and the wrong shoes just make the whole outfit look really wrong. Therefore whilst I am very much for sustainability and not buying clothes (or anything else) that I don't really need, my shoes are a vital part of my wardrobe, which I look after well and store carefully. I very rarely throw a pair of shoes away unless they are worn out and beyond repair. Each pair of shoes that I own helps to finish off an outfit to perfection but there are still a few occasions, situations or outfits where I find it difficult to find just the right pair of shoes.

Picnics in the park bensimon liberty shoes

I often find myself in completely in appropriate footwear at times like these. Just because I don't really have many flat and practical shoes that also look gorgeous. I never ever wear trainers except for running or going to the gym and my black ballet flats whilst versatile are really starting to bore me. I love Liberty prints and these Bensimon Tennis Liberty Shoes in Burgundy would even manage to make a boring old pair of jeans into a special outfit. They would also be great for wearing with shorts and dressing down a day dress.


Holiday calls for simple and delicate strappy sandals that are easy to walk in, cool and perfect for showing off my perfectly manicured and painted toenails (which I am sure that I will get round to some time soon). I am not a fan of gladiators as the ankle straps might make my short legs look even shorter. Number one on my wish list are these Cafe Noir Svena Multiblack sandals. I love the different colours and textures of the straps.

Everyday Winter Boots

My last pair of biker boots completely wore out because they had so much wear. These Cesira black boots by Cafe Noir are the perfect replacement.


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Love your sandal choice for holiday!

Leia said...

love all these shoes!

Sherin said...

I love the winter boots. I'm definitely going to look for something like them for the winter.

phil230 said...

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