Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bright Patterns V Neutrals

Ever since I got back from holiday have had an overwhelming urge to wear lots of bright patterns. My brief flirtation with neutrals and minimalism is over for now. The only way that I could seem to make neutral outfits not seem boring was by adding bright accessories.

print summer dressI bought this dress for my daughter on holiday but thought I would just try it on as I love the colours so much. I am wishing that I had bought one for myself now. Perhaps she will let me borrow it occasionally.

new look floral summer dress
I almost swapped/ sold this dress. What was I thinking of. I love the colours and the floral pattern so much.
I am now on the hunt for more bright patterns preferably vintage or second hand as this is the most sustainable option. I will share my findings very soon. Do you prefer bright patterns or neutrals?


Winnie said...

Ohh I adore the dress with the pink cardi!

MargieF said...

you are so tanned! i love how style changes after youve been on holiday...everything needs to feel fresher somehow...

Cafe Fashionista said...

Both dresses look beautiful on you - I adore bright colors!! :)

Laura Connell said...

You know what, I think there's room in my life for both!