Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The £6 Vintage Dress

Lately I have really been getting into vintage clothing not only because of its obvious environmental benefits bit also because I just can't get over what amazing dresses you can get for so little money. I am a complete ebay virgin but over the last week or so I have got a bit bid happy buying myself a few new vintage dresses. I got the most amazing handmade dress for just £20 and another dress for £25 both of which I will be featuring in an outfits soon. What I can't get over is the quality of these pieces for just £20, a new piece of clothing for this price would usually be really low quality. I also find the shape of these clothes works so well for my figure. Here is a vintage dress that I bought for just £6, the best thing about it is that at that price I am more than happy to wear it to be around the house doing ironing all day, no special occasion needed.


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selinaoolala said...

£6?! what a great find!! love the shape and everything that has a pattern along the hem xxx