Thursday, 26 August 2010

Around The House

Over the last few days, I don't seem to have got out much apart from popping to the shops and taking the children to the park. As I work from home I often find myself in the house all day and sometimes there can be a slight temptation to not make any effort at all with what I wear.

I do try and make a bit of an effort though, even though I am not going any where special and I refuse to ever wear a tracksuit (I don't even own one), although I have very occasionally been known to stay in my PJ's. Here is what I have been wearing this week:

Today I thought I would try my hair in a different hairstyle. If you read my blog regularly, you will probably have noticed that I virtually never wear my hair up, mainly because my hair is a free spirit and much prefers to do its own thing, I don't usually even brush it unless I wash it (if you have curly hair, you will probably understand) .

Top- Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - Autograph Weekend at Marks and Spencers
Cardigan - Marks and Spencers
Necklace - present from my mum

Green Jacket - present (Marks and Spencers)
Top - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - swapped on Posh Swaps
necklace - present from my Mum
Wedge boots - Topshop

Cardigan - Fenn Wright Mason
Top - Dorothy Perkins
Denim Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
necklace - My own DIY project
Shoes - Spartoo

As the weather is starting to feel quite cold (especially when I am sat at my computer working), I am starting to think about warmer outfits for around the house - at the moment I am wearing two cardigans. My favorite around the house clothing for the cold weather is cashmere jumpers and cardigans though as they are so soft, comfortable and warm.

What do you wear on those days when you are just around the house?

Ceri X


Laura Kim Connell said...

Your hair looks fantastic up! Do it more often. Love the jeans and stripes, proof that you can still look chic for a trip to the park with kiddies! SOOOOO glad to hear you don't wear track suits. The yoga pant phenomenon has taken over north america and it drives me crazy. They are YOGA pants, ie, meant for yoga! Once the class is over, they should come OFF.

Selina said...

I second Laura's comment. I think having your hair up makes you look energetic and fresh.

Amy said...

I am needing some cropped cardigans for Fall and I love yours. Such great colors on you too!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


MargieF said...

i feel exactly the same about making an effort whilst staying at home...NEVER do i wear trackie bums
i like your hair up it looks great