Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday Finds - Ankle Socks

OK I am a bit slow on the up take as usual but I have only just discovered the online sock store Tabio. Since discovering I have spent quite a significant amount of time pondering which socks to buy as a little treat. Eventually I settled on a pair of ankle socks and two pairs of knee socks. Unfortunately the knee socks in beige nylon with polka dots and a floral pattern were a big error of judgement. I am sure they would look great on someone with legs of the twig variety but my legs are far more of the tree trunk variety. The ankle socks however were a delight and I fear have started a new addiction that may far exceed last years tights addiction.

I will be wearing my socks with wedge sandals (as seen on the catwalk) as part of my outfit for Vintage at Goodwood on the weekend. Not exactly vintage, I know, but I like to mix it up a bit instead of wearing vintage top to toe and socks are such a brilliant way to update a vintage outfit or just something from last year. They have the added bonus of stopping my shoes from rubbing and are a great look that even me with my tree trunks can get away with when worn with a midlength a line skirt (or I think so anyway).

So for those even slower on the uptake than me, here are my favourite socks:

ankle socks Sheer Ribbon Striped Socks

ankle socks

Sheer Dot Socks

Have a great weekend. If you are going to Vintage, I might see you there.

Ceri X

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M. Johnson said...

I'm glad to hear that someone else has found a new sock obsession! I've been buying some really great Socks lately! They have some fun styles and prints