Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday Finds - Ethical Clothing in the Sales

I am going to keep this post fairly short and sweet as a large glass of white wine awaits me once I have finished writing. I dare not start drinking it now incase I loose all trace of will power and buy myself new clothes that I just don't need.

For those that do need some new clothes, I have spotted some great bargains in the sales on ethical clothes, because if you do have to treat yourself, buying ethical makes you feel so much better about it, no?

I'm afraid the calling of the glass of wine is preventing me from putting full details of prices and ethical credentials for each item. Each of the items has a great reduction and is also ethical in one way or another you can find out more by clicking on the links.

ethical fashion jumpsuit
Choolips Printed Jumpsuit

ethical black dress

ASOS Africa hand crocheted dress

ethical floral dress

Black Floral Ruched Waist Dress

ethical polka dot trench

organic top Komodo - Alana Organic Fairtrade Top

organic white shirt

Do you every buy ethical clothes, if so what are your favourite brands? I would love to hear as my ethical fashion guide is slowing coming together and should hopefully be published soon.
Have a great weekend
Ceri X


purelovefashion said...

Absolutely love the jumpsuit and the polka dot coat! Brill finds. x

Melissa said...

Well, now I'm craving a glass of wine. Even though I really shouldn't because it tends to make me sleep badly.

Hope you enjoyed yours! :)

Intrinsically Florrie said...

I must confess that I don't know as much about ethical clothes as I would like.
There are certain brands on the highstreet I avoid because of ethical concerns and I avoid materials such as fur but I've never really looked into brands which are positively ethical but I know I should do.
This is a really lovely selection though- that polka dot coat is gorgeous!

Florrie x

Kay Alexander said...

I do try to but ethical clothes as much as possible and I like this range of T Shirts where some of the money spent will go to animal charities. I know the person who owns the company and she is 100% committed to animal rights as well s having a great fashion creation talent.